Unknown Diversity In Catholic Faith

Many people who are not Catholic assume that all the Catholic churches are all the same. But it is not as it is diversified. There are the differences that could be understood in the names or titles that they have. The common knowledge is that there is only the roman catholic church and that is the one scattered all throughout the world. But there are different types. The common thing that connects them is that they are all connected to the pope as the main head.

It is not known to others that there are six numbers of the rites that are being used in practicing Catholicism. They are just the main ones. It includes the Byzantine, Armenian, East Syrian, Latin, Alexandrian, and West Syrian. These six types have their own established rites that they are following even if they have the same head. They then have their own way of conducting ceremonies or worships. They also have their own set of architecture that could be seen in the church buildings.

The vestments they use are also different and even the architecture and the music that they use. When it comes to the doctrine explanation, they also have some differences and focus. Each of the churches has their own head but all are in union with the pope. Even if there are differences but all can attend each other and it is even encouraged so they do not have restrictions in regard to it. There are more differences to learn.