The 5 ways to help your child maintain her faith

There is a time that you can lead your child to the path that you want her to take. You can use your authority as the parent or make her understand things that she has to follow or practice. When your child is young, she has the obedience and so you can guide her and let her keep the faith that you want her to have. But when they reach a certain age where they will now try to make decisions for themselves then you have to know what to do.

The infographic presents the five ways that you can help your children so that they would remain as a Catholic and not give in to the invitations of their friends or classmates to go and see other religions. There are many teens who became converted into another faith and leave the Catholic church. That is the time that they are willing to try anything and also have another perspective. They can just join a group that they feel they are accepted.

That is why if you want them to retain their faith just like what you did then you can follow the five ways above. One of the ways that are given is that let them have friends that are also Catholic and that they could share something common together. It is important to let them understand why you stayed being Catholic even if there are many who have converted into another faith until you are even adult.