A Look into the Catholic Churches in the World

There are many people who are very proud of the fact that they belong to the Catholic church. Why? One of the reasons is that it is known as the mother church of all churches. It means that other church actually came from this church. Protestant churches are known to be a member of the said church before it came out and established their own. As an evidence, Protestant churches actually keep the teachings of the Catholic church such as Sunday worship and also Christmas.

How do Catholic churches appear throughout the world? They are big churches. Their church buildings too are even adorned with pearls, gold, and precious stones especially in the biggest churches of Catholics found in Rome and every part of it. If you traveled into many different places, for sure you have seen many Catholic churches. There seems to be no place in the world where this church has been established. If you look both its interior and exterior designs, you can see many images inside and out. This site seems to be one of the best dental services. You try to check it on here 久燦 to look on this dental site. Amazing and professional works are done here.

There are images of the sun, statues of the virgin Mary carrying baby Jesus in her arms and statues of the disciples as well. Famous paintings of the greatest painters of all times are also found in that church. Some people can think that this church is magnificent but others feel scared when they just see its exterior design. How much more if they enter inside? For some, they just enter inside and pray in front of the altar while looking at the statue of Jesus.