Division among the Members of Church based on the Bible

Jesus taught everyone who believe in Him that all are part of one body. This is the very reason why there shouldn’t be any divisions among the members. But, does this teaching of God being practiced today? Many people belong to a different church. Since the Bible said that He is the head of the body, the church, so the members are the parts of the body. Someone have the role of eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet. We must faithfully play every role given to us.

The sad fact is that there is always a division among the members. In other words, there is no unity among them. Then, does this please God? Surely, not! Because of individual differences and purposes, division happens. God mentioned in the Bible that He is pleased with everyone who are united with one another, not those who hate each other. Can you imagine what happens if every part of the body does not do the role given to it? The person will be in danger. This site will let you check the best software for 3D use. Open this autocad for you to use it. Very nice and easy to work on your projects.

In the same way, if the members of the church does not correctly do their roles entrusted to them, then the church will not grow or become prosperous. The leaders of every church should set good examples to the members. But, what do you observe in today’s churches? Do leaders correctly lead their members? If yes, why are there news about church leaders who commit child abuse and even have rape and criminal cases? Think about this seriously.