False Prophets Masquerading as True Christians

If you are a Bible reader, you might have read about the false prophets who masquerade as true Christians or as the one who claim to believe in God. They are the followers of Satan, the devil. Since they follow the devil, they will also do their best to deceive many. How? One way is to teach the rules of men that leads many to destruction. These false prophets will do their best to make the children of God follow rules of men instead of God’s teachings.

Then how many false prophets are there? Well, they are too many to count like the sand on the seashore. Instead of giving hope to the members, a hope to endure for the kingdom of heaven is waiting for us, they actually tempt them to focus on physical desires. They are teaching people to rebel against God. Of course, they will do their best not to be noticed that they are false prophets masquerading as Christians. They wear sheep’s clothing to deceive many. Learn more about the biblical history as you travel. Make sure you have your visa with you from this agency hop over here www.chinavisa.com.tw/card/. Best to help and support you.

False prophets are even compared as wolves and lions devouring their prey. Since they don’t reveal their real identity, many people are being deceived. So, children of God needs to be alert and on guard not giving a chance to them to deceive them. And as the end is near, all who claim to believe in God must stay alert. This serves as a warning to mankind who thinks of their spiritual survival not only physical survival. The Bible gives us the answer on how we can recognize false prophets. Also preachers usually travel to spread words of God. And this company serves them best visa processing for flight, see content here 泰雅旅遊. View more services here.