The Real Purpose of Man’s Life on the Earth

Have you ever thought to yourself why you are living on this planet Earth? Were you curious of where you came from before you were given birth? Most people probably would think that these questions are ridiculous. However, everyone should know that this planet where billions of people live in is not our real hometown. In fact, this Earth is a prison. And when we say “prison”, who should stay in it? The answer to this question is very easy. They are called as “sinners”.

Whether you are a Christian or not, the fact still remains. Everyone living on the Earth are sinners. In other words, we are criminals and we committed unforgivable sins deserving of death sentence. Actually, this is not new to most Christians because they also believe that they are sinners. However, did you know where we committed sins?

On this earth, we are actually facing some trials and difficulties in life. By that we discovered is actually a good catch to help us in our daily life. This is why, we were be able to cope in our life though there are some hardships. Always be happy in life especially when you get married. Here are some of the ideas about dress to wear and this catering service company that you will love 茶會點心. See to it to get it.

So, what is the purpose of our life on this earth? Should we live enjoying every moment of our life? Some people are doing their best in order to survive on this earth and others don’t only work for survival, they actually want to gain fame. Are all these mankind’s efforts worth it? The Bible already taught us that we need to repent. This word was mentioned many times in the whole Bible. To repent before the judgement day comes is the purpose of our existence on this earth. So before it ends up everything you need to prepare for yourself. Try to become a beautiful bride wearing a mother of the groom theme dress. And a great cater service for the reception must be chosen from this company view info here This is to experience one of the happiest moment in life.