Facts: Teachings of God vs Rules of Men

Christians who believe in God and claim to follow Him and His teachings are scattered all over the world. They have their own religious beliefs which they believe as the way to be saved. But what should be the basis of every Christian’s beliefs? Isn’t it the Bible? For thousands of years, many people believed that the Bible is the true words of God which He gave to everyone in order to be saved. Every person who believe in God have a goal to enter His kingdom.

In the Bible, the teachings of God and the rules of men were mentioned. We can read many teachings of God both in the old testament times and the new testament times. Some people focus only in the old testament. But, did you know that we can’t follow the 10 commandments fully as mentioned in the book of Exodus? This is because all people living on the earth are known as readers. And a search to beauty tips always comes to the mind from this suggested beauty industry service 醫美診所 .  It seems that all of us are bound to commit sin anytime.

Among the teachings of God in the Bible, it was mentioned about the Sabbath Day, loving one another just as God has loved us, forgiving each other just as Christ forgave us, not to be arrogant, not to be proud, and more. These are some of His teachings that we need to obey.

What about the rules of men? Everything that are not written in the Bible are the rules of men that leads anyone who practice it into destruction. Studying words of bible must be careful. Like this beauty company for breast augmentation service that must be careful to work on 乳房形狀. The Bible is the absolute words of God.