The battle within: Catholic against Catholics

One of the things that should not happen has happened in the Catholic church. There are events that you have witnessed that persons who belong to one group will go against each other saying different things or point of view. It also happened in the church as there was an incident that has happened. There is a conflicting decision that was made and that makes the issue result in an excommunication ad also letting one hospital not Catholic anymore. Let us see first an interesting infographic.

There could be many complaints against the Catholic church by those who are not a member of this religious group. There are many things that are being said that is not good for the mother church who have stood for a very long time. But as it has been in the world for a long time then there are those who had been given the knowledge and the position. One of the things that they do is that they control something of happening.

If they would control then they know what could be the possible outcome. they can even make things so it could be done in what they like. They had already a power that they exercise most at the time. That is why a bishop could excommunicate someone. They are not a member of the church already. These conflicts arise and other many issues that should be resolved.