How the True Prophets of God are to be Treated?

In the Bible, it was mentioned about true prophets and the false prophets. These two groups will continue to fight against each other until the last day. Then, who are the true prophets? The Bible already told us that they are the ones who teach the true laws of God, not the commandments of men. As you know, some of the prophets of God mentioned in the Bible are Abraham, Moses, Noah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and others. Then, do you know how their fellow countrymen treated them?

They were the prophets of God. And many people even at that time say that they believe in God and follow His decrees and commandments. But the reality is that they are continually disobeying God’s commands. This is why God always send prophets to them day after day to remind the people of God’s teachings.They were continually supported and medicated by their work of sincerity. They listened to the every words concerning about the health of people. This agency is best. China visa sanction. made all of the transaction in every problem that matters. This agency made all of the sorting and made all well in their service.

What about during the New Testament times? When Jesus came to this earth and fulfilled the prophecies, did the people believed in Him? He actually taught the true teachings of God. And He came as a prophet by continually reminding the people. Did the people treat Him well? Never! They even crucified the Savior who came to save them.

What about these days? When the Dark Ages came, the evil spirits exercised their power and they persecuted many Christians. These days too, God called His prophets but they are to be rejected and mocked. Have your visa process from this agency. You can check more in here  to assist you. This is so great agency in processing visa.