The Appearance of Many Churches in the Last Days

Just as the Bible prophesied about the appearance of false Christs and false prophets, the appearance of many churches was also mentioned in the Bible. There is only one church which God mentioned in the Bible. Then, when did the church began to be divided? In Christian history, it started after the Savior, Jesus Christ, was crucified and after the death of His disciples. In other words, it was during the dark ages. Religious leaders at that time started to rule over the people of God.

The topic about the appearance of many churches in the last days must not be taken lightly. If we are seriously thinking and considering our salvation, then we must find out the true church which God established Himself. And we must no longer think that all churches are the same just because most churches say that they believe in the One and only Savior. Because you can actually observe that each church is against other churches. So, division of beliefs is happening in the church. This company serves you the best in cleaning. Check this additional resources to see this company. They got the best cleaning service ever.

You can observe that whenever you walk around, there are different churches having different names. It seems that when you walk every after five minutes, you will see a church. And when you continually walk, another church can be seen. So, why are there many different churches? Did God establish those churches? Think of the time of Jesus. What is the name of the church which He established? Does it matter that much if we know the church God established? One of the best cleaning company is here. They serve your home the best cleanliness you ever wish for, see their page here 洗衣機 清潔. Very effective cleaning service will be provided to you.