Byzantine Catholic

Byzantine Catholic is one type of the Catholic church. The commonly known catholic is the roman catholic church and it is known that the head is the pope. But all the other types of Catholic are also one as they have the union with the pope. That is why anyone could attend any of the types of Catholic. The Byzantine Catholic church is one that uses the rite of the Byzantine in its liturgy and thus derived its name there. Their liturgical rite is in Modern Greek and in the Koine Greek.

There are noted differences of the other types of Catholic as compared to the Byzantine faith. One of them is that the Byzantine church has the different way of administering the seven sacraments. An example is in the way of baptism, the byzantine administers it by the sprinkling of water but others do the immersion. The Byzantine church also administers the three sacraments that are called Chrismation which is baptism, confirmation and giving the Eucharist in one setting. These sacraments are called also sacraments of initiation.

In this way, we can see that they have differences but they do have the same sacraments that they follow.  Other churches are more strict in some of the rules or process that had been in practice for a long time but others have adopted some changes. That is why there are those who are called ultratraditionalists that adhere strictly to the old traditions. Others are traditionalists and others are the modern ones.