Evangelizing Mission

One of the missions of the church is to evangelize people. Also the other churches, they too have the same mission. The purpose of going into places is to let people know the things about God and salvation. There is much religion that now exists in the world that we could see. But the Catholic church still has a dominant power. There are many members who stood by the side of the Catholic even if they have known many things the church have done.

Their loyalty is what let them stay in the church and counted as a member even if they are not keeping mass on a regular basis. It becomes part of the custom already that Sunday is the day that you could do things you have not yet done during the week. It is also the day you will feel you like to be free of your daily routine. But other people have made it their routine to go to church every Sunday and then have the rest of the day as the family day.

The Catholic church promotes this kind of activity as it also wants to have a family that worshipsĀ God together and also has the time to be together. The Catholic church has gone into many countries so the message could be spread and people would know something about the Bible. It is good to worship God and so people should be Christian and accept what is being taught by the church to be clear.